VR Spider
See the word through the eyes of a spider!
Climb around everywhere! The town is yours!

VR Spider supports stereoscopic view but can also be played on every smarthpone or tablet without a VR-Headset.
This game supports Virtual Reality-Headsets like like the Cardboard, Homido, the Durovis Dive (https://www.durovis.com/index.html), VReye GO (http://vrelia.com/vreyego/),
Samsung Gear, Refugio 3D (http://www.refugio3d.net/) or the Stooksy VR-Spektiv (http://www.stooksy.com/VR-Spektiv/).
You need a bluetooth controller or keyboard to enjoy this application in stereoscopic view. The best way
to play the game, using a VR-Headset, is to connect the snakebyte controller idroid:con (http://www.snakebyte-europe.com/) to your smartphone.
If you are using a bluetooth keyboard or third party controller (ps3 or others) connect your controller with keyboard mapping-mode. The spider can be controlled with the horizontal and vertical control units (arrow key´s on keyboard). To control the actions you need to assign/use the following buttons: J,M,K/Space