VR Space Shooter
VR Space Shooter is a Space Adventure game in VR where you have to shoot down the enemy space ships.

Space Shooter is one of the most loved genre of games, everyone has fascination about space.
VR Space Shooter helps you experience exactly that.

You need a pair of Google Cardboard. Put your phone in Google Cardboard & be ready to face the adventure of space shooter.

The game is simple. You are in charge of a space ship. You are wandering in space. There are enemy ships trying to kill you. Before they hit you with their missiles, you have to kill them all. All you have to do is locate them and follow them, your gun will share shooting down the space ships automatically.

- Realistic environment
- Gun animation
- Apt sound effects

VR Space Adventure is one of the first space shootout space adventure games on VR.
VR = Virtual Reality which is supposedly the next big thing.

So what are you waiting for, download VR Space Shooter today & get ready for a cosmic shooting adventure!