VR Paintball (Multiplayer Battle Royale)
Play Battle Royale online (multiplayer) with your friends in virtual reality!

Using a *VR Headset and Gamepad* - jump into the online world of VR Paintball FPS. Your smartphone must have a gyroscope to be compatible.

A fully immersive 360 degree 3D VR simulator experience with good head tracking, compatible with these VR viewers: Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, Fibrum, Color Cross and most other generic HMDs.

Automatically join the online hub when the application starts! Want to play with your friends? No hassle! Just open the application and you will be able to play with friends.

Game Modes:
- Battle Royale
- Team Deathmatch / Building (Coming Soon)

There is no current single player. When the application opens you will be put into an online (multiplayer) hub. From there you will be able to select what game you would like to play. Before opening the app:
- Either connected in local network.
- Either using one of the smartphones in wifi hotspot and connecting the other smartphones on it.

- Change the color of your gun, the paint for the gun, your helmet, your body and your building materials. Choose from thousands of combinations and be the best looking on the field.

- Building (Energy)
- Classes (Pistol, Assault, Shotgun, Sniper)
- Battle Royale (Be the last one standing!)
- Loot Crate opening to get painted items (random)
- Dash based movement system. Dash from place to place.
- Earn coins from in-app purchases or by winning the Royale!
- Emotes / Dances - Coming Soon
- Screen Play Mode (Non-VR) - Coming Soon

- VR Headset + Controller (required): Rotate your VR Headset to see and move your character, shoot / build / dash with the controller.