PROtein VR
The future of Chemistry is here! Explore 3D structures of molecules including proteins, DNA and ligands in Virtual Reality.

Requirements: VR Google Cardboard headset with head straps and a Bluetooth gamepad.

You can directly download experimental X-ray diffraction crystallographic 3D molecular structures from the Protein Data Bank ( Insert simply a PDB id and press download (for example 3UZA).

Every time you open a PDB file, it will be stored in the PROtein VR app.

PROteinVR is the next generation of PDB viewer, using cutting-edge technologies, this app turns your flat phone into an interactive 3D Virtual Reality experience.

With a VR headset (Google Cardboard compatible) with head straps, everyone can dive into a 3D chemical structure from the Protein Data Bank. You will not only look at them, but you will find yourself immersed inside the protein structure.

Do you want to learn the secret of life? Explore in VR these fascinating crystal structures:

You can change the default configuration of your bluetooth controller. Recommended settings:
-left stick: translate left, right, forward and backward
-right stick: translate up and down
-left dpad: rotate left, right, up and down
- action buttons right:
Y = open/close action/selection menu
A = gaze menu selection
X = rotate in the z axis left
B = rotate in the z axis right
R2 = gaze change amino acid sticks/spheres representation

App developed using ipega gamepad and HooToo 3D VR Headset.

by AppMinded in collaboration with Heptares Therapeutics.
Francesca Ghezzo, Andrea Bortolato, Jon Mason