Jurassic VR 2 - Dinosaur Game for Google Carboard
Jurassic VR is back – Bigger and better!
With over 3 million downloads Jurassic VR has been a Virtual Reality sensation. Now get the all new Jurassic VR 2 with a ton of new features and dinosaurs for your to experience.

Jurassic VR 2 – Dinosaur Game offers many cool new features making it among the best VR experiences today. Here are just some of the awesome features:
– Fly a Dinosaur (Pterosaurs)
– Ride (joyride) a Dinosaur
– Huge dinosaur island to explore
– Visit the prehistoric museum
– Many dinos such as Tyrannosaurus(T-Rex), Diplodocus, Pentaceratops, and many more
– Dinosaur simulator allow up-and-close live interaction
– Supports VR Google Cardboard and touch non-VR play

Download this free VR game and travel back in time to the prehistoric times where you can roam the earth observing dinosaurs in a full 360 VR experience. Jump on the back of a Pterosaurs flying dinosaur and see how it is to fly such a huge creature; or hop on the back for a joyride on a Raptor and see how they lived their daily live. Watch out as you might run into a T-Rex along the way!

Want to inspect a dino up close? Take a trip to the museum where you have 5 halls filled with dinosaurs and a cool 360 video simulator that allows you to inspect interactive dino's up close. A bit to scared to fly a dino then the simulation mode is an excellent way for players to ease into the prehistoric world.

If you like VR apps and games this free VR game is a must download.