Golf VR
Step on the first immersive 3D Golf course!
GolfVR dives you in an immersive and pleasant environment where birds and water flow sounds will have a relaxing effect while you’re playing Golf. Only the wind on your hair is missing! You don’t need any golf skills to play this game, come and try our challenges or soothe you on our golf course.

Use a Google Cardboard or any other Virtual Reality headset compatible with your smartphone. No accessories are required to play this game, thanks to GolfVR's handy and intuitive interaction system!
Wearing headphones is recommended for an optimal game experience.

This game is compatible with most of the smartphones on the market:
-> Google Nexus: 5, 6
-> Samsung Galaxy: S4, S5, Note, Edge
-> LG: G2, G3, G4
-> Sony Xperia: Z1, Z2, Z3, T2, T3
-> HTC: One, OneX, Butterfly
-> Motorola: G, X, 5, 6
-> Nokia lumia 730, 830, 930
-> Lenovo: K3 note, Vibe Z2
-> Acer Liquid: S1, S2, JadeZ
-> And a lot more!

And a lot of Virtual Reality headset:

-> Google Cardboard
-> Homido VR
-> Archos VR Headset
-> GearVR
-> FreeFly VR
-> Stooksy VR-Spektiv
-> Zeiss VR One
-> Visus VR
-> And a many more!

(For any request or further information, please contact us at: [email protected] )