Fireworks VR Experience
Have you ever wanted to have your own fireworks? Do you want to enjoy as many shows as you want? Now it's possible with Fireworks VR Experience!

You can enjoy a different experience, both virtual reality (VR) and 3D for users who don't have Google Cardboard glasses.

In Fireworks VR Experience you will find 8 different shows in which you will only have to worry about enjoying each fireworks it's fired. Put on your virtual reality glasses (VR) and enjoy the realistic experience.

On the other hand you can shoot your own fireworks, having over 40 different fireworks that will be shot randomly. You can play this mode in both 3D (without glasses) mode and virtual reality (VR) mode with the Google Cardboard glasses. To be able to fire the fireworks in the VR mode you will have to use a bluetooth gamepad and connect it to Fireworks VR Experience.

This application aims to enter into a virtual world and make you disconnect from the real world for a few minutes to enjoy the different shows of fireworks in VR and 3D. This app is a simulator of fireworks rather than a game.
The fireworks are based on real fireworks from different shows around the world and all of them has been adapted to be displayed on your smartphone in 3D, or in Virtual Reality mode if you have the Google Virtual Cardboard VR.

Fireworks are for all types of public, from the youngest to the oldest. In addition to being a simulator in 3D and VR, the fireworks are friendly with the environment, as they don't pollute!

Fireworks VR Experience has different scenes you can change to enjoy different experiences in different environments and cities, all adapted to a VR virtual reality world. You will find a city of skyscrapers, a city illuminated in the middle of the night and a futuristic city. In all cases we will be on the roof of a building from where we can visualize and enjoy the fireworks shows both 3D and virtual reality (VR) if we have the Google Cardboard glasses.

So if you like fireworks and you want to live a unique experience ... Don't hesitate, download Fireworks VR Experience and live a unique experience with this simulator of 3D fireworks and virtual reality (VR).


In shooting mode it is important to consider that the more fires are fired at the same time, the more chances the mobile has to suffer delays and lags that will affect the performance of the application.

Depending on the model of the phone in which this application is installed, the graphic performance of the application will be different, and may feel slowed in some cases.
It is recommended to use high-end devices for the correct visualization of the different shows without the appearance of lags. The appearance of lags is most likely in virtual reality (VR) mode, and may also exist in 3D mode.