Public Speaking for Cardboard
The VirtualSpeech VR app will help you practice for public speaking events and job interviews, by providing photo-realistic environments to train in. Works with Google Cardboard.

★ Animated Audience - the audience move and behave as they would at a real event, adding to the level of distraction and recreating the fear of public speaking.
★ Stunning 360 3D Environments - selection of high quality conference rooms to train your public speaking and interview skills in. Currently both a large and small conference room are available, as well as a panel style interview room.
★ Sound Distraction - ambient sound in conference rooms adds to the immersion and makes you feel like you are at the event.
★ Add Your Own Slides - Add your slides into the conference room within the virtual reality app so that you can practice for an upcoming event. A short video tutorial on how to do this can be found here:
★ Training Environment - practice your public speaking with our unique in-app training features and environments. See more here:

★ Large conference room set in San Jose, California, with 300+ capacity
★ Small meeting room located in Oxford, England, with 15+ capacity
★ Interview room based in Cape Town, South Africa, with 4 panel members
★ Training room, this contains training tips and images to help you improve
★ Awards room - allows you to see yourself progressing
★ Wedding scene - practice your best man speech and other wedding speeches
★ TED talks environment coming soon

This app was developed to help people who want to practice and improve their public speaking and interview skills, as well as anyone with speech anxiety, social phobia, social anxiety disorder or phobia of public speaking. Virtualspeech will continue to create environments to help you in a wide range of situations.

What is Google Cardboard?
Google Cardboard is a low cost virtual reality platform which transforms a phone into a VR headset. Get your headset at

The virtual reality app is still in early development and there are many things we need to improve to bring you a fully realistic public speaking environment to practice in. We are working on the following features:

★ Variety of new environments to practice your public speaking and interview skills in.
★ Additional features such as recording your voice so you can play it back to yourself.
★ Update the training environment to help you improve your public speaking in a variety of situations.
★ Tips on public speaking, with tools to help you improve and overcome your fear of public speaking.


Please contact us with any feedback or ideas of new features you would like to see in the future.