Coca Cola Virtual Reality for Christmas
Holidays are coming!
Nowadays, it is rather difficult to notice it in Poland, since it rarely snows in December, the weather is not as frosty as it used to be, and on Christmas Eve the first star in the night sky usually remains hidden behind rain clouds. However, one sign of the upcoming holiday season has not changed over the years – we mean the Coca-Cola Christmas Trucks!

The red cavalcade of festively decorated cars is a sign of one of the most recognizable marketing campaigns in the world. Surely even Grinch hums „Holidays are coming” under his breath when nobody can hear him.

But there is more to the trucks than the famous TV ad.
Every year Coca-Cola organizes a holiday road-show, during which the Christmas cavalcade visits over 50 cities in Poland, offering a program full of attractions!

This year Lemon & Orange is proud to help Coca-Cola with this huge Christmas event. Using Oculus Rift, our Virtual Reality experts added a touch of technological Magic to the campaign.

Thousands of people all over Poland will get immersed in a virtual world and become Santa Claus, whose magical sleigh suddenly takes off!
During the ride, they will race through a town with beautiful Christmas ornaments, glide over snow-covered plains and speed between crowded highways, passing by many attractions on their way, including the distinctive red trucks. For Santa Claus it is everyday life, but we promise that everyone else will be blown away by this visit in virtual reality!
As for us in Lemon & Orange, we can only thank Coca-Cola for their trust and the chance to take part in such a prestigeous event as the yearly Holiday Route of Coca-Cola Trucks.

Merry Christmas to all of you! Ho, ho, ho!