VR Modern Counter Shot 3D
Get ready for the best first person shooter (FPS) action experience in VR virtual reality. You are a military army anti-terrorist commando shooter & you have been selected for a very important special mission. The enemy has once again attacked your land & it’s residents. Now it’s your turn to strike back & win this war. Evil terrorists have attacked your city. They have started a battle against the law. Combat & defeat them to win the war & restore the peace. The battle took a deadly turn when evil terrorists attacked & burnt the cars, buildings & made the innocent civilians hostage.

Experience war & close range gun shooting in a realistic VR virtual reality battle. It’s a first person shooter (FPS) game fully compatible with & optimized for VR virtual reality headsets. Because you are one of the best military army anti-terrorist commando shooter you are being provided with different weapons & guns to help you defeat the enemy & win this war. Use various weapons & guns like pistols, shotguns & machine guns in a realistic VR virtual reality. Experience shooting, fire and smoke, burning buildings, close range shooting combat & war in virtual reality VR.

As a super military army anti-terrorist commando shooter you are expected to complete this mission successfully. Your main objectives for this mission are to kill all the enemies & rescue all the hostages. This is no game it’s a very serious and important mission. It’s a deadly war & you have to defeat the enemy at all costs. You have all the skills required for this battle. Combat the enemy swiftly, use your weapons & guns wisely & kill all the evil terrorists. You will have to face the enemy with courage in order to put an end to the games he is playing. Do not let the enemy counter attack. Strike hard because the future of the country & its residents is in your hands now. It is your time to shine like a true hero. There is nothing to fear as you are a super skilled army anti-terrorist commando shooter. Get all your weapons & guns & attack. Wage the war against enemy & kill all the evil terrorists who are a threat to your land & it’s residents. You have to be super-fast & win this war at all costs. Losing is not an option soldier! Be the hero your country needs. Defeat the enemy & shine super bright like a star. Shoot at the enemy like there is no tomorrow & kill all the evil terrorists. Get ready for the deadly war. It’s time for some action! Good luck!
This game is fully optimized for VR virtual reality headsets. You will have plenty of action filled missions to keep you busy & entertained.

This game is the best action filled first person (FPS) shooter experience available on VR virtual reality. So what are you waiting for download the game right now, pick up your guns & enter the battle zone right inside your VR virtual reality headsets.

FEATURES of VR Modern Counter Shot 3D :
- Action filled FPS gameplay
- Challenging & engaging mission
- Various weapons & guns to use
- Realistic HD graphics