Fear House : VR Cardboard
Fear House : VR Cardboard Simulation is famous for the paranormal activities which takes place inside. The abandoned house has mystical events. Explore the whole area and experience the thrill horror. Play this horror VR simulation now. Experience the virtual reality horror now. Fear house is one the best trilling vr game (virtual reality) , which give you awesome vr - virtual reality experience on your device supporting google cardboard for vr games.

Note :
= Kindly use earphone for better sound effect.
= Look down to STOP and WALK
= Google Cardboard supported phone only

- It is very easy. Wherever you look, you go there. The pointer on the center of the screen will be do automatically on objects.

Note : If you have any suggestion/query for this fear house horror vr game - virtual reality game then feel free to contact us. We would like to know your feedback regarding our fear house horror vr game (virtual reality game) based on google cardboard.

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