Battle 360 VR
Experience virtual reality on your phone. Defend your ship from attack.

This game is best experienced with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets for smartphones, such as Google Cardboard.

- Play as an anti-aircraft gunner and defend your warship from fierce airborne attacks.

Minimum requirements:
- Virtual Reality (VR) headsets
- powerful modern phone

Supported phones:
- Google Nexus 5 and higher
- Samsung Galaxy S4 and higher
- Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and higher
- LG G3 and higher
- OnePlus One and higher

This game supports external controllers.
- Bluetooth and USB keyboard
- Bluetooth and USB joystick

We recommend to use headphones, for a good immersion.

Virtual reality is awesome, and we would love to give you the best experience we can. So any feedback is much welcomed.

Permissions needed:
* Camera - required for AR mode
* Storage - required for saving score and other game data
* Location - optional, for targeted ads (note: app contains ads, but you have possibility to disable ads too)

Augmented Reality (AR) mode.
Enjoy the game on the top of what you see through your camera.
You definitely should try it, but keep in mind that it is experimental feature and might not work properly on your phone.

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Fill free to join to game community and help us to make it better.
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"What is VR (Virtual Reality)?"
Virtual Reality is an immersive video experience. VR is a three-dimensional (3D), computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with. Play a VR game you’re more than an observer – you’re part of the action.

"What's Google Cardboard?"
Cardboard is a low-­cost, easy­-to-­get virtual reality viewer that transforms a phone into a basic VR headset. Learn more about Google Cardboard at

"Why two screens are displayed?"
This is how VR technology works.

"What's is AR?"
Augmented reality (AR) is the integration of digital information with the user's environment in real time. Basically, AR takes an existing picture from your camera and blends new information into it.

"Why camera permission needed?"
AR technology requires camera, but you can play this game without camera too.

"Why internet permission needed?"
This game contains Google Play Services. Fight for the top spot in a public leaderboard, or compere your progress to your friends and open all achievements.