VR Orcraft
The Battle Has Began.
Welcome to Orcraft Fantasy Adventure.
Mounted on a heavy warhorse you get to lead the attack against Orc Enemy waves.
Push forward to destroy the Orc Towers and eventually conquer the Orc Castle to win the match.
Defend your castle and tower against the Orc Brute which leads the Orc army.
Use with Google Cardboard or any suitable VR headset.
VR Orcraft is designed for high-end mobile devices, to give you the best Immerse possibilities, with no controller needed.

*** 2 heroes to choose from: Archer with a bow / Knight with a sword.
*** Infantries to help you with your quest.
*** Catapults with long range attacks to destroy towers.
*** No controller needed.
*** Advanced VR Interface with On Screen Buttons: Aim/Ride/Ride to/Attack/Cam Switch
*** 2 camera view: 1st/3rd person
*** Conquer enemy castle to win.
*** Capture Middle Flag to release your Cavaliers.
*** Enemy Orc Brute, with massive damage.
*** Enemy Orc waves of infantries and catapults.

As a single developer, I am personally waiting to hear your experience. If the game crash or misbehave please contact me before giving a bad review.