OSSIC is a startup audio company that is working on an integrated system, software and hardware, that will deliver incredibly accurate 3D sound, where by 3D they mean real life spatial sound that interacts as naturally as possible with the users individual anatomy.

This sounds like a breakthrough from the multi-media experience standpoint but also will be be a great add-on to the VR industry. As they state on their website:

In virtual reality, sound is key. With accurate 3D sound we can give a sense of space and direction your attention to elements outside your field of view for a more immersive experience.

OSSIC X Kickstarter campaing has just ended they have more than 10 000 backers that have pledged a little over $2,700,000. Impressive, right? Sound was seen until now as a cool add-on to the VR experience. But now OSSIC is treating sound as the other half of the VR experience.