Unprecedented resolution, easy handling and a fully automated stitching service: with Panono, panoramic 360° photography in its highest quality is finally possible. Engineered for professional use, Panono is a great solution for a wide variety of applications – used for example by one of Europe’s most viewed and highly reputable news programs, the German ARD Tagesschau.

Panono shots are fascinating. Take a journey with your friends through your favorite moments. The free Panono app enables you to navigate through your panoramic shots and share them at the touch of a button.


Diameter: 11 cm
Weight: approximately 480 g
Cameras: 36 fixed-focus cameras
Resolution: 108 megapixels
Panono app: iOS 7+ and Android 4.2+
Charging: via USB cable
Storage capacity: 16 GB, approximately 600 Panono shots
Connection: WiFi


360° VR camera (stills only)

Developer: Panono Gmbh