The World’s First Eye Tracking virtual reality headset
Immerse yourself in worlds that react to your eyes and emotions, experience precision control at the speed of thought.

With FOVE you can
• Aim With Your Eyes
Simply target, aim and shoot with true line-of-sight targeting.

• Focus Your Vision
View realistic scenery that blurs and sharpens, reacting to where you are focusing.

• Make Eye Contact
Look, laugh, and communicate with virtual characters just like in the real world.

• Move Naturally
Reduce simulation sickness by reducing the need for unnatural head movements.


• Eye Tracking
Eye tracking to an accuracy of 1/5th of a degree.

• Head Tracking
Ultra low latency head tracking to gain positional awareness.

• Hi-Res Display
Incredibly wide 100o field of view on a hi-res 5.7 inch display.

• PC Compatible
No high-powered gaming rigs required for AAA rendering at VR resolutions.

• Integrations
Convert existing VR games easily, and develop more advanced features.

• Developer Kit
Tutorials, sample code, and forum available to support the community.


Weight: 400g (Projected)
Form Factor: Sleek, High-Quality Design
USB 3.0
Display Port
3.5mm Headphone Port on Device (Projected)
Low latency 6/9 DOF IMU
Low Latency head position tracking (projected)
Size: 5.7 inch display (14.7 cm)
Resolution: WQHD (2560 x 1440)
Field of View: 100+ degrees
Frame Rate: 60 fps (90 fps projected)
Low Persistence
Two small form-factor infrared eye tracking systems
Eye Tracking Accuracy: <0.2 degree (projected) 120 fps per eye PC REQUIREMENTS
A computer with dedicated graphics card with display port output capable of running modern, graphics intensive games at WQHD (2560×1440) at 100FPS or greater is recommended.


head mounted device (HMD)

Developer: Fove-inc.