Virtual reality is not yet mainstream. But some industries have already started to take advantage of it.

Real estate companies are providing their potential clients a virtual walk-through of the properties using VR headsets. This increases the possibility of making a sale and the client can see more homes in a very short period of time.

Retail can finally say good-bye to returned items which do not fit the customers. To The digital fitting room is a long awaited solution for this problem both by the customers and the retailers. One of Microsoft plans is to bring the Kinect tech to a VR fitting room which will help the customers try clothing at home.

Automotive industry helps customers get a better view of the interiors and exteriors of the car they are planning to buy. VR showrooms are another area where VR comes to the rescue as the customers can get a feel of riding a Lamborghini, without spending money, of course.

We already see VR spreading to other businesses, the most obvious one being the gaming industry, with a ton of gadgets and accessories being developed exclusively for that. The next few years will be pretty exciting for VR.