Sundance Film Festival, the largest independent film festival in the U.S., annually held in Park City, Utah, since 1978, will take place this time from January 24, 2018 to February 3, 2019. Next month’s festival will be about VR, AR, mixed reality and AI immersive experiences and exhibitions. More precisely, there are 33 innovative films to be launched at the festival’s New Frontier program.


What is the New Frontier program?


            This program is a collection of the most dynamic and interactive media works that are found at the intersection of art, film and emerging technology.

             Shari Frilot, New Frontier chief curator, said “This year’s New Frontier is an explosion of experimentation, bearing a motherload of innovative custom tech that take us higher. The work that we showcase at New Frontier sets the agenda for the year in creative cross-media storytelling. Biodigital loops are terraforming and transmogrifying our world. The dynamics of biodigital looping — digital platforms that begin and end by connecting with a human being who connects to that same platform — are being taken on by this year’s artists with gusto, as they pull visceral focus on what it means to be human on this transforming terrain.”.

Some of the emerging selected films, performances and exhibitions are…

  • RocketMan 360, a VR film about an astronaut who receives a 360 video from his girlfriend a few minutes before going on a dangerous mission  to Mars (Romania, lead artists: Millo Simulov, Gabriela Hirit, key collaborators: Filip Columbeanu, Andreea Serpe, Gabi Ranete).
  • The Seven Ages of Man speech from Shakespeare’s As You Like It; mixed reality experience featuring cutting-edge volumetric capture (United Kingdom, lead artists: Royal Shakespeare Company, Magic Leap).
  • The Tide: Episodes 1 & 2, a VR film about the battle between a giant fish and humans for survival (South Korea, lead artists: Taekyung Yoo, Sanghyoun Lee).
  • Ghost Fleet VR, a VR experience that immerses people in the true story of  modern slavery in the fishing industry from Thailand (U.S.A. , Lead Artists: Lucas Gath, Shannon Service).
  •  Emergence, a powerful VR experience that has advanced graphics technology able to show 5000-plus intelligent human behaviors with the purpose of expressing a person’s desire to maintain his individual identity (United Kingdom, Lead Artist: Matt Pyke).

     This year’s artists push the boundaries of a host of new technologies in powerful and surprising ways. The story creates the body and the corpus takes on new meaning, offering a new framework for personal interactions in modern society.“, Shari Frilot beautifully ended.

                 The upcoming Sundance Film Festival is about visual aesthetics, immersive designs, innovative technologies and it will represent a bridge between nations around the world that are united through the dimensions of art, VR and cinematography.