Second Life studio Linden Lab launches open beta for Sansar, a VR world where you build and monetize your own VR content which just entered its open beta. Anybody can sign up and start building for free—and building is exactly what the minds behind Sansar want you to do; that’s why they made it so easy.

“Sansar is completely drag-and-drop,” said Linden Lab VP of Product Bjorn Laurin. “You can create things with normal 3D tools—Maya, 3D max—but you can also just go into the Sansar store. There’s no limit to your creations. It’s for everyone. You can be a hardcore Maya user, for example, and do things, but you can also come in and not know anything.”

Sansar was engineered to be a creator platform for all, allowing users of all experience levels to create and share their experiences.

“Anyone will be able to sign up for free, download Sansar, and go and explore these creations that others have published or get started creating their own,” said Senior Director of Global Communications at Linden Lab Peter Gray. “It’s easy to share your audiences with a link and bring your audience in that way. You can also choose to list your experience in our Atlas directory, which is open to the public. A lot of the experiences that our preview creators have made are listed in that directory where you can browse and explore, from games to educational spaces, historic recreations, sci-fi experiences…it’s just about everything you can imagine.”

Sansar lets you earn real money from your virtual creations by selling them in the Sansar Store.

“There are a lot of different ways to monetize in Sansar,” said Laurin. “One of them is: you can work in a tool like Maya or 3Ds Max, you create something and upload it to Sansar, we take care of the baking and everything, drag it into your experience, and put it on the Sansare Store and sell it for like a few bucks or whatever price you want to put on it.”

Because Sansar is a social platform first and foremost, a great deal of development has gone into the more personal aspects of the world(s). As mentioned previously, each experience allows for 35 simultaneous users, with new instances created as more people want to give an experience a go.

Since people care quite a bit about how they look, Sansar has also invested in the availability and customizability of its avatars. A recent partnership with IKinema lends a deeper sense of full-body realism using state-of-the-art inverse kinematics, and another partnership with Speech Graphics will help produce complex facial animation and lip-syncing.

To dive into the beta, head to the official Sansar page and start building.

Source: Jesse Damiani,