Virtual reality allows people to explore places that otherwise would be rarely seen or even forgotten. Old castles, abandoned hospitals, ancient sites and more can now be scrutinized on their smallest details thanks to is lead by CEO Dominic Eskofier together with photogrammetry expert David Finsterwalder, award-winning UX designer Daniel Sproll and their goal is to help people explore places they have never been to, and probably never visit, in virtual reality.

Eskofier said in an interview for uploadvr: “Virtual tourism is one of the things that inspired me most about virtual reality. We want to take people into the tombs of the Pyramids, the abandoned buildings in Chernobyl, into all the places they have imagined but never had the chance to visit.”

People will be able to explore the various environments in the Realities platform, which will be coming soon to Steam. You can find more on the realities on their website.