When it comes to trending technology the big companies are always in, they don’t want to miss the start. Regardig the VR tech, we have a Facebook and their Oculus and Google with their cardboards, when we speak of AR we mean Microsoft Hololens. It seemed that the Apple giant was sleeping but noting is further from the truth.

Apple has been up to a lot lately: from hiring a 3D interface expert to purchasing AR startup MetaIO and facial recognition and animation startup Faceshift. Not to mention the acquiring of Beats headphones would help them complete an AR/VR experience with great sound.

Apple became suspicious of actively growing a secret team building VR and AR headsets. This, however, sounds exactly like Apple’s well established way of doing business: developing technology in uttermost secret and keeping projects in quiet development until it creates an harmoniously integrated hardware and software package that will be marketed as “revolutionary.”

We do believe they have something up their sleeve and that we will soon find out.