Apple has recently laid out their plans for AR and VR technology. The company joined the VR/AR party pretty late, letting their competitors test the water before diving in themselves. Maybe playing safe was a good move, but only time will tell that for sure. Meanwhile the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC), San Jose, has just hosted several key announcements for the immersive technology industries.

First big one is that Steam VR will soon support Mac format. This means that developers will have the option to create videogames and experiences for the Mac format. The announcement of Metal 2, the company’s API for high performance graphics, promises to deliver a VR-optimised display pipeline.

A sequence featuring Darth Vader drew huge applause from the audience:

Moving on to AR: a LEGO model that could be exploded, Pokemon GO with a Pikachu looking as if it was directly in contact with the ground and an impressively rendered wild west cyberpunk battle scene, the ARKit development suite features stabilisation in motion-tracking, ambient lighting estimation and support for Unity, Unreal Engine, amongst other features. Unfortunately, Apple did not reveal any AR head-mounted display (HMD) that many have been expecting.