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Heart surgery training – now in VR

Heart surgery training – now in VR

As virtual reality is gaining more and more ground, the health system is undoubtedly advantaged at the moment with a cutting-edge equipment in order to improve surgeries and other medical procedures. The most recent news show that Fuwai Hospital has just succeeded in...

A guy and his 168 hours spent in VR

A guy and his 168 hours spent in VR

The title sounds pretty crazy and insane, doesn't it? Well, let's face it, it really is, as the guy himself, who chose to do the VR marathon for an entire week, said that the experience was "quite possibly the dumbest thing" he has ever done....

The first Angry Birds VR game:  The Isle of Pigs

The first Angry Birds VR game: The Isle of Pigs

NameĀ  a person who owns a smartphone and has never played Angry Birds. Since its release from 2009, this simple yet adorable game in which you launch fluffy birds in order to destroy the evil green pigs' houses has become one of those MUST play games. Now, after...