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VR’s super power to boost empathy

Technology and emotion in the same context? Are you sure?        Yuuup! We are in 2018 and technology is found in a constant process of progress and innovation. It is no longer just an industry, it is part of our lives; technology is transforming our society, economy...

Get rid of the workout laziness and pain through VR

Workout is an activity much needed nowadays. We spend hours in the front of a smartphone scrolling through instagram and facebook pages, binge watching Netflix series or who knows, maybe watching some really useful documentaries. Nevertheless, all these are passive...

The first airport in the world that uses VR technology

Having a flight delay? VR is here to end the boredom! Everyday, there are millions of people who use the airplane to travel around the  world. And more than half of them have to face those many hours of long unexpected delays that, in most cases, make people  bored...