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What is the purpose of VRPLAY? was in the very beginning just an idea to bring all VR apps in one place. As the VR market emerged competitors created their own hardware and, subsequently, their own stores for the apps. VRplay’s goal is to unite all VR apps in one user friendly store where visitors easily browse for the desired apps.

Having all apps in one place implies another benefit: users can see which apps are most popular or which ones appeal to him/her and then, based on that minimal search, the user can purchase the device that supports those apps.

Microsoft Hololens Holoportation

Microsoft Hololens Holoportation

How can I download a VR app

To download an app on you have to be logged in and you can do that by clicking on the LOG IN button in the upper right corner of the site. Once you are logged in click on any of the apps to get to the app presentation page. On the right hand side you’ll see the download button and below it some the icons that quickly point out the device that the app is available for.

Go ahead and give it a try, click on the download button and select the device on which the app will run.

Who owns the apps?

The apps are owned by their developers. Once you downloaded the app, either by buying it or by downloading it freely, it is yours exclusively for your own personal use. However, you are not entitled to distribute it further, to other third parties (friends, acquaintances etc) unless you have a written permission from the developer. For more info on this please contact the developer through the contact options on their page or simply leave a comment to the developer on the particular app page.

Are the apps free?

Many apps on are free but the others are payed. The price is specified under the thumbnail when you view multiple apps on a page or as a dropdown header when you view the app in its own page.

How much can I earn as a developer?

Developers can either use their free apps to create a fan base or upload paid apps to their stores. The vrplay fee is 15% percent of the whole app price value. If the purchase is made directly through paypal, and not via the buyer’s current balance, then, you, the developer, will be charged with the paypal fee, which applies to the whole app price value. Read the Terms & Conditions, section Purchases and Payments for more detailed info on the fees. So, to do a simple math, the developer’s revenue per app sale is: App price – [vrplay fee(15%)] – [paypal fee (if applicable)].

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